This is a space for story-telling. Content may be fantastical, foreboding or illuminating, but never tired or trite. Peruse and contribute at your own risk.

I dreamed the Gothic Optimist (or did he dream me?) as an extension of my literary life. A familiar stranger, this alter-ego joins me for coffee or catches a ride just so he can intrigue me with his latest ‘what if’. Without this doppelgänger, I’d never escape my head long enough to get anything onto the page.

While I’ve started this project as a collection of my own writing, my hope is that guests will collaborate here. Someday, I’ll step back and curate this space, kept alive by the musings, observations, and creations of others. If you’re ever feeling Gothic or Optimistic enough to help me fill this page, let me know. I’ll find your words a home.


Ben Lovell is the Gothic Optimist —