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Borrow Smart: 5 Ways Debt Can Improve Your Credit Score

Poorly managed debt can be a seriously debilitating financial factor. However, informed and prudent use of debt can open up opportunities and even improve your credit. When the fellas at Frugal Fitness asked me to explore this concept, I compiled some research with my personal experience to bring you Borrow Smart: 5 Ways Debt Can Improve Your Credit Score.

Multi-Level Marketing: Risks and Rewards

My first job out of college was for a multi-level marketing company… cold-crawling through the DC burbs in pursuit of coupon book sales. This harrowing and short-lived stunt gave me one perspective on MLMs. For Best Company (third-party comparisons of everything from fundraising sites to pest control), I allowed myself to consider both pros and cons of this style of self-employment. Read my (relatively) unbiased report of ‘Multi-Level Marketing: Risks and Rewards’.

Mind the Gap: Workplace Communication that Straddles Generations

Mick Yates is a visiting Professor at the University of Leeds Business School and a trusted mentor, writer and consultant in the fields of business growth and leadership. In Mick’s Leadership Blog, he curates his own thoughts and those of contributing writers relating these crucially intertwined areas. Mick gave me a chance to share a little of my own experience with inter-generational workplace communication in my article ‘Mind the Gap’.

Always Be Earning: 7 Best Ways to Earn Passive Income

While finance and business writing is a relatively new niche for me, I drew upon my experience freelancing (and some well-honed research skills) to craft this guest post for Finance For You. If you’re interested in supplementing (or eventually replacing) your primary income with a little side-hustle or two, check out my Passive Income recommendations in ‘Always Be Earning’.

Proven Sources of Startup Capital

Get the Cash to Get your Business off the Ground

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.”  –Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

After being involved with dozens of baby businesses (mine, friends’, and clients’), I heartily agree with Mr. Hsieh.  Starting your own business to get rich is backward thinking.  Put yourself behind a product or service that you know, that you like, and that you’re good at.  People will notice, and your business will grow.


Calculate Your Startup Costs

Determining How Much Capital Your New Business Needs

‘The last 10% it takes to launch takes as much energy as the first 90%.’ - Rob Kalin, founder of Etsy

As a serial entrepreneur involved in the startup process of multiple concepts, I understand what Mr. Kalin is talking about.  Many ambitious men and women have ideas for a business of their own, and the vast majority of these would-be founders give up somewhere along the way, generally when they are just around the bend from a successful startup.