Mr. Reynolds & the World Jackass Championships

Mr Reynolds.jpg

Mr. Reynolds was a World-Champion Jackass…

That’s what Daddy told Davey on Saturday morning after Mr. Reynolds limped slowly back to his Cadillac, adjusted his too-big, too-white cowboy hat, and drove off into the heat.

Davey asked Daddy what’s a world-champion jackass and Daddy said it’s a miserable ol’ bastard and Davey said what’s that and Daddy said just don’t tell Mommy and help me clear these dishes.

Since this didn’t leave Davey any better off than when he started, he made a mental note to ask Charlie about Mr. Reynolds being a jackass and a bastard. Charlie was older than Davey but younger than Daddy and always gave the best answers. Better than Daddy and definitely better than Mommy who usually just made noises like the vacuum when it broke and sent him to his room.

Later Charlie told Davey that a jackass meant a mean person but also a donkey and since Davey liked the second one better, he drew a picture of Mr. Reynolds with big donkey ears and also a big blue ribbon for winning the World Jackass Championships.

Charlie said it was good, but Davey should scratch out where he had written ‘Mr. Reynolds’ or they might lose the diner and the house when he came back over. Davey said wouldn’t Mr. Reynolds recognize his picture anyway and Charlie said sure kiddo and scrubbed his fingers through Davey’s hair in the way that he liked best.